drew attana                                     
like some great white jaws.
what shapes my narrative.

I am fascinated by the creation of lasting impressions, of lingering thoughts. This isn't limited to a single avenue either. From Nike's iconic "Swoosh" to the photo negative of Andre the Giant superimposed over the block lettering of Obey, these symbols represent companies that both question and celebrate the establishment—their ideologies at once paying homage to the culture from which they are borne as well as making the sometimes little-known subculture accessible to the whole of society. 

I am moved by publications like Vice and Tin House who take risks, who print new, experimental and engaging material. There is a definite bravery with these publications and where they are willing to go. They challenge not only their readers, but themselves to think beyond what lay right in front of them. To read between the lines, as it were. I am inspired every time I open their webpages or crack their book's binding—driven to produce work like the stories, articles, and interviews found there. Not thematically, but rather to create material of the same caliber.

And I have the upmost respect for the professors I've studied with. Without the special care and attention of the instructors I've had the pleasure to work with (and some, even though I've graduated from both institutions, have continued to work with me), I might not have the pride, the confidence I have in my writing, my craft. The mentorship and tutelage found within the walls of Pacific University and Portland State University is unparalleled and I only wish that everyone would have the opportunity for the same sort of experience. 

The following links are just a few of the companies, publications,
colleges, and clothiers that have shaped who I am.
And who I want to be.

what I read.

where I've learned.

who inspires me.

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